Aratiatia Rapids, Taupo


Location: 630 Aratiatia Rd, Rotokawa 3377

Parking: Yes, carpark

Toilets: Yes

Dogs: Yes, although the sign doesnt say dogs allowed or not allowed. Keep your dogs on their leash and there shouldnt be a problem.

Shoes: Any shoes would be fine, although the first viewing platform is quite rocky and uneven. The upper viewing platform is up a short incline.

Date Walked: 28.08.2018

Weather Conditions: Sunny, crisp

Distance: Less than 1km

Time Required: 5 minutes to bottom lookout, 10 minutes to top lookout. Allow time to watch the rapids if you are there on time.

Final Rating: ★★★★★


The rapids are released daily at:




as well as 04.00PM 1st October – 31st March

This walk and view is still worthwhile even if you have missed the rapids. The rock formations where the rapids run is very impressive. Start at the carpark and make your way across the road. From there a path to the right leads you to the two viewing platfroms.


Path to the lower lookout is quite rough, take care.GnwjrOMtSSSaFEQ3CSERZAGIKFAonDRYqUbRyu0DIGxg

View of where the rapids run when water is releasedQSD6WX9NRKenzvQGmR6ZCA.jpgzlungYV+Ti+KAxnXXZeO9g

Path to upper lookout is well maintained, slight incline.4xHoWdXzRc6tx7FfIH66fg2%DOCcbSRpKtBVutd3xkfg6cgps3rNRnC%xn+r%pGFBw7qI6f8cRScqmroGNHfZk5w

View of powerstation from upper lookoutJMpA6dXRRhqcToJ8dvg

View of Rapids from upper lookout


View from road bridge by carpark wyNsv7%kSkeZac8blIEhvQhi+iNQHNQgygYRU6WWI7EAMm8zW+KDRPuDx%wpjtxt+QgqP6nw2TR8++lv8AxLRStgxDFhtPELTvyytPJrU5L+Iw

Toilet in carparkorareAKzT4+AAua72rKINA


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